Jessica John is a circus artist, director, producer, choreographer, and health and movement coach. In her personal practice, she specializes in corde lisse (rope), rope loop, aerial fabric, and dance trapeze. An ardent movement researcher, she was a competitive athlete, teenage “rockette,” and skier, before finding a passion for circus in 2006. In 2017, after the 2016 US presidential election, she left a career as an intelligence officer with the CIA, to pursue coaching, performing, and directing full-time. Jessica’s work challenges gender norms through displays of virtuosic strength and flexibility and rejects narrative structures as a primary humanizing device. The empathetic space she creates for performers combines with compelling visuals to make award-winning collaborative and solo works. Jessica is the founder and director of Alter Circus, a feminist contemporary circus and performance art company. She also previously directed Vaudoux, a circus entertainment company, and Steal A Step.

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