A CIA analyst turned circus artist and choreographer, Jessica John is a curious cataloguer of movement. She found aerial arts in 2009 while also working as a spook, and after the 2016 US presidential election left Langley to pursue her passion for performing, directing, and coaching.  

A vanguard and an alchemist, Jessica’s work uses virtuosity and empathy to challenge gender norms and rejects narrative structures as a primary humanizing device. She is the founder and director of award-winning feminist circus, dance, and contemporary performance company Alter Circus, formerly based in Washington, DC, and now migrated to Portland, Oregon. She previously directed the DC-based contemporary circus companies Vaudoux Aerial Dance Theatre and Steal A Step. 

As a performer and choreographer, Jessica is known for her haunting images, innovative sequences, and unabashed glimpses of the monster within. Jessica has performed extensively across North America, specializing in rope, loops, aerial fabric, and dance trapeze. She has coached the world over but never strays too long from her beloved kitties Mia, Lola, and Penny.

For inquiries and bookings for featured acts or ambient performance, please email jessicajohncircus@gmail.com and refer to her Available Acts and Packages.